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Colloidal Mineral Compounds


Settling Experiment Proving Its Colloidal Nature


The experiment is well over now. Total settling = < 1/2 inch in 2 years.

Eventually the water completely evaporated 730 days after initial settling.


From Left to Right: 11/02/14, 11/03/14, 11/04/14



From Left to Right: 11/05/14, 11/06/14, 11/09/14



From Left to Right: 11/11/14, 11/14/14, 11/19/14



From Left to Right: 11/19/14,11/27/14,11/28/14




From Left to Right: 12/08/14, 12/21/14, 12/25/14



From Left to Right: 01/14/15, 01/18/15, 01/29/15



From Left to Right: 02/13/15, 03/26/15, 07/24/15



From Left to Right: 08/28/15, 02/25/16

As of the latest picture below, 481 days in suspension.



Below is a dry sifted colloidal product also made from soft rock phosphate:


From Left to Right: 05/27/13-21:48 Hours --- 05/28/13-07:54 Hours



The same final process that is used to prepare CMC for dehydration was used on the already finished dry sifted Mincol that you see above. That process began at roughly 2048 (8:48 PM). At 2148 (9:48 PM), the Min-Col* had settled for about 1 hour (picture to the left) and all the particles had settled roughly 50% down. And 10 hours and 6 minutes later at 0754 (7:54 AM) the next day, the particles had continued to settle well beyond the half way point. This shows that other non-colloidal substances are present. The Tom Dickson extremely powerful blender was unable to blast the particles into and in between the H2O molecules of the distilled water. That doesn't necessarily mean they have no nutritional value. What it does mean, however, is that they are not in a compound mineral colloid state or matrix. This means that the 40% +/- non-colloidal particles must be broken down by the body's gastric juices and patterned in digestion to fit a person's body chemistry. And since CMC is in a virtually 100% pure compound mineral colloidal state or matrix, it is the only form of minerals known to man that is 100% available to the human body without any change having to be made to it by the body. One might say that it is literally the "dust" we are created from. This is why it can be used by anyone, young or old and in any condition, to increase their body's mineral needs. I've personally used and tested the effects of all the so called "Mincols" available and the benefits of a clean, 100% (colloidal) Mincol which CMC is, cannot be over estimated. And CMC (Compound Mineral Colloids or Colloidal Mineral Compounds - either name works) is the only product I know of that is 100% available in the form it is taken in. Give it a try and see if you don't agree!


Neither CMC nor Min-Col are substitutes for regular medical & dental health maintenance. They are for nutritional support only. Please read our complete disclaimer below. Thank you!  


For further assistance OR a no cost, no obligation initial telephone consult of how my RBTI services could help you, please contact meat the hours below:


Michael Sigurd Olszta

RBTI Consultant / Instructor

Mon-Th: 1:00 P.M. - 9:00 P.M. (E.T.)

20 Warsaw Avenue

Manchester, NH 03103, USA

Voice: 603 / 930 - 1683

Fax: 603 / 622 - 4701



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