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RBTI Self Study Manual


(Note: This is a Digital Download in Word, PDF with Testing Videos in .flv & .mp4.)



Self Study Manual

Contents Listed Below




Notes describing the contents below:


Note 1: The  # just before .doc or other extension is the number of pages in that document.

  • Example: Lesson 02A - Sugars Testing-5.doc  --- 5 pages in this lesson.

  • Example: Lesson 13 - How to Defad Your Diet-21.doc --- 21 pages in this lesson.

Note 2: Total number of pages in this present text is 1,640 & continues to grow w/ updates.

Note 3: Total number of pages in the 47 Lessons is presently 1,240 pages.

Note 4: Total number of pages in Q&A documents is presently 245 covering 200+ questions.

Note 5: Total number of pages in miscellaneous documents is 55 w/ much more to come.

Note 6: RBTI Online Coaching & Instruction purchases receive  all updates at no extra cost.

Note 7: Included with text below are 8 Videos in Flash format that teach you how to test. 

Note 8: For further information about Instruction & Benefits, please continue reading below.


RBTI Instruction Manual Practical Application Emphasis

Please note that practical teaching is taught throughout the entire manual. Lessons 1-24  lay greater emphasis on this aspect of RBTI while theory is emphasized in Lessons 25 onward.


The 8 files below are videos that teach you to test. 


1 RBTI Testing Introduction.flv

2 RBTI Testing Equipment Overview.flv

3 RBTI Testing Sugars.flv

4 RBTI Testing pHs.flv

5 RBTI Testing Salts (original w dilution mistake).flv

6 RBTI Testing Salts (revised).flv

7 RBTI Testing Albumin.flv

8 RBTI Testing Ureas & Clean Up.flv

A The RBTI Instruction - Introduction-4.doc 

Lesson 01A - Recording Client Information-4.doc 

Lesson 01B - Recording Forms-11.doc 

Lesson 01C - Sample Filled in Chart-6.doc 

Lesson 02A - Sugars Testing-5.doc 

Lesson 02B - Table of Brix Readings-1.pdf 

Lesson 03A - pH Testing-6.doc 

Lesson 03B - pH Continued-5.doc 

Lesson 03C - Bromcresol Green-1.jpg 

Lesson 03D - Chlorphenol Red-1.jpg 

Lesson 03E - Bromthymol Blue-1.jpg 

Lesson 03F - Phenol Red-1.jpg 

Lesson 04A - Salts-5.doc 

Lesson 04B - Preliminary Salt Meter Comparisons-5.doc 

Lesson 05 - Albumin-5.doc 

Lesson 06 - Urea Testing-9.doc 

Lesson 07A - Eye Numbers-4.doc 
Lesson 07B - Right Eye-1.jpg 
Lesson 07C - Left Eye-1.jpg 

Lesson 08A - Zones and Ranges-4.doc 
Lesson 08B - Ranges According To Choose Life Or Death Page 86-1.doc 

Lesson 09 - Intro to Theory and Lifestyle-6.doc 

Lesson 10A - Fasting-9.doc 
Lesson 10B - When not to fast-3.doc 

Lesson 11 - From Light Diet to Full Diet-7.doc 

Lesson 12 - Full Diet-10.doc 

Lesson 13 - How to De-fad Your Diet-21.doc 

Lesson 14 - Michael's Diet Booklet For Digital Use-24.doc 

Lesson 15A - Mineral Depletion of Crops in Last 50 Years-20.doc 
Lesson 15B - Mineral Depletion of Crops in Last 50 Years-30.pdf 
Lesson 15C - Northen Senate Document 264-7.doc 

Lesson 16 - Sugars - Dangerously Low Sugar-8.doc

Lesson 17 - Sugars - Low Blood Sugar-9.doc 

Lesson 18 - Sugars - High Blood Sugar-11.doc 

Lesson 19 - Sugars - Glucose A and B-12.doc 

Lesson 20A - pH - Introduction-12.doc 
Lesson 20B - pH - Adjusting pH Using Foods-10.doc 
Lesson 20C - pH - Adjusting pH Using Foods by Prominent Calcium-1.doc 
Lesson 20D - pH - Adjusting pH Using Supplements-11.doc 
Lesson 20E - pH - Adjusting pH Using Supplements - Manthei-1.JPG 
Lesson 20F - pH - Adjusting pH Using Supplements - Beddoe-1.JPG 

Lesson 21 - Salts (Conductivity)-10.doc 

Lesson 22 - Albumin or Cell Debris-13.doc 

Lesson 23 - Ureas-25.doc 

Lesson 24A - Putting It All Together-14.doc 
Lesson 24B - Pregnancy, Babies, Children-14.doc


RBTI Instruction Manual Theoretical Emphasis

Please note that practical teaching is taught throughout the entire course. Lessons 1-24 lay more emphasis on the practical aspects of RBTI while theory &/or the teaching of the whys & wherefores are more greatly emphasized from Lessons 25 onward. 


Lesson 25A - MUE, Anions, Cations, Atoms, Mols, Energy Calculating 1-21.doc 
Lesson 25B - Manthei Periodic Chart-1.JPG 
Lesson 25C - Beddoe Periodic Chart-1.JPG 
Lesson 25D - Skow Periodic Chart-5.doc 
Lesson 25E - Hydrogen A & C-1.JPG 
Lesson 25F - Lithium C-1.JPG 
Lesson 25G - Potassium A-1.JPG 

Lesson 26A - Frequency and Kind, Rule # 1, Pattern # 2-19.doc 
Lesson 26B - Beddoe Periodic Chart-1.JPG 

Lesson 27 - Einstein's E = MC^2 Equation, Rule # 2, Pattern # 3-11.doc 

Lesson 28A - 3 Branches of Chemistry, Usable & Reserve Energy, Pattern # 4-21.doc 
Lesson 28B - Original Ranges Table-1.doc 

Lesson 29 - Minerals, Hormones, Enzymes, Pattern # 5-25.doc 

Lesson 30A - Amino Acids, Alpha, Delta, Omega Cells, Rule #s 3 & 4, Pattern # 6-38.doc 
Lesson 30B - Amino Acid per Beddoe-1.JPG 
Lesson 30C - Molecular Structure Basic Human Amino Acid Beddoe-1.JPG

Lesson 31A - Theory of Building of Cell , Rule # 5, Pattern # 7-19.doc 
Lesson 31B - Making Living Matter - Beddoe-1.JPG 

Lesson 32A - Primary of the Cell, Rule # 6, Pattern # 8-18.doc 
Lesson 32B - Primary of Cell-1.pdf 

Lesson 33A - Base Exchange of Cells, Rule # 7-31.doc 
Lesson 33B - Base Exchange of Cells Continued, Pregnancy Babies, Children-21.doc 

Lesson 34A - Mineral Ratios of Bone, Soft Tissue; Tissue Density, Pattern # 9-14.doc 
Lesson 34B - Tissue Density Table Manthei-2.doc 
Lesson 34C - % Mineral in Hard & Soft Tissues Combined-2.doc 
Lesson 34D - Soft & Hard Tissue List By %-1.JPG 
Lesson 34E - Tissue Per pH Beddoe-1.JPG 

Lesson 35A - Digestive System, Pattern # 10-30.doc 
Lesson 35B - Digestive System Pic Manthei-1.JPG 

Lesson 36 - Short Review, Pattern # 11 & 12-15.doc 

Lesson 37 - Ionization, Pattern # 13-10.doc 

Lesson 38 - Math Terminology, Pattern # 14-11.doc 

Lesson 39 - Scientific Notation-19.pdf 

Lesson 40 - Application of Scientific Notation, Patterns # 15 & 16-10.doc 

Lesson 41 - Various Energy Calculations, Patterns # 17,18,19-10.doc 

Lesson 42 - Electrical Energy, The Pancreas, Pattern # 20-9.doc 

Lesson 43 - Relative Math Theory for Bldg One Cell, Patterns # 21 & 22-12.doc

Lesson 44 - Boyle's & Bear's Laws, Amino Acids, Pattern #s 23, 24, 25-11.doc 

Lesson 45 - Mineral Ratios of Bone & Soft Tissue, See Everything You Look At, The Heart, The Brain, Pattern # 26, etc.-22.doc 

Lesson 46 -Selected Transcribed Portions From Session D Seminar-271.doc 

Lesson 47A - Retreat Case History #1 Page 1-1.JPG 
Lesson 47B - Retreat Case History #1 Page 2-1.JPG 
Lesson 47C - Retreat Case History #1 Page 3-1.JPG 
Lesson 47D - Retreat Case History #1 Page 4-1.JPG 
Lesson 47E - Retreat Case History #1 Page 5-1.JPG 
Lesson 47F - Retreat Case History #1 Page 6-1.JPG 

Lesson 48 - Presently in Production & Will Be Completed When Transcription Work is Finished. Lesson 46 Contains Many Pages of RBTI Anatomy Teaching.

Lesson 49 - Dr. Reams Sessions 8 & 9 Materials. Presently Being Researched & Will Be Presented in the Most Suitable Format For Members Once Finished.

Lesson 50 Onward - Specially Put Together Case Studies of Students & RBTI Consulting & Coaching Clients. There Will Be No End to This Final Lesson.


RBTI Instruction - Questions & Answers

The Q&A part of the Manual  like the Case Study portion will continue to grow as new students ask new questions or even old questions which end up receiving further attention. The RBTI Instruction is a living process of study, encouraged by Dr. Reams himself. The Q&A are slated for a complete overhaul including indexing. As with all updating of all materials, lifetime students automatically receive any & all updates without having to ask.


Q & A 01 Gardening, Dr Manthei, pH Averaging, Micromhos, etc-10.doc 

Q & A 02 Lemons, Debris, When To Test, Eye Numbers-12.doc 

Q & A 03 Fasting, Salt Meter, Calibration etc-9.doc 

Q & A 04 Reading Albumin, Testing Times, Eating Schedule, etc-7.doc 

Q & A 05 Ranges, Zones, How Much Water & When-7.doc 

Q & A 06 Low Dropping Sugars, Salts Going Up, Sugar Healing Range Target, Nitrate Nitrogen Test-17.doc 

Q & A 07 Reagents v pH Meter, Blood and Urinary Sugars, Colon Cleansing, etc-10.doc 

Q & A 08 pH Related-9.doc 

Q & A 09 Ctrl F, Raw Foods, Soup Stocks, Bone Meal Sources, Alkalizing vs Acidifying, Interpreting Ureas-13.doc 

Q & A 10 Low Blood Sugar, Calcium Supplements, etc-6.doc 

Q & A 11 Oranges, Withdrawal, 7 Stages of #s Through Life, Abscessed Tooth, Meter to Test Ureas, etc-8.doc 

Q & A 12 Sclerometer, #s, Cod Liver Oil, Milk, Dolomite, Potassium, Calcium, Electro-Mix, Doubters, Distilled Water-24.doc 

Q & A 13 Proofs, Ellis Water Purifier, Question on K Deficiency, Heart Attacks, Pics in #s, Long Distance Consulting-11.doc 

Q & A 14 test 3x Per Day, Calcium, Milk Fat, HCL Drops, Goats & Thorns, Colonics, Albumin-Urea-13.doc 

Q & A 15 Potassium, Protein, Base Exchange, Ureas, Vitamin A, Reserve Energy-6.doc 

Q & A 16 Numbers & Cancer, Drinking with Meals, Low Sugar & Diabetes, Conception-20.doc 

Q & A 17 Cal Gluconate, Yogurt Cultures, Root Canal, Menopause, Hot Flashes, Baking Soda, Grape Juice-2.doc 

Q & A 18 Insulin, Sore Muscles, Reserve Energy, Minerals in Body, Vitamin C & Baking Soda, Hyperemesis, Olive Oil-10.doc 

Q & A 19 Tuna, Clean Meats, Vegetables, Frequency, Alpha&Delta&Omega Cells-4.doc 

Q & A 20 Fruit Juice Brix, How Much to Drink, Weakest Link, Headaches, Lemonade Every 30 Min., Class Goals, Test Times, Wobble-10.doc 

Q & A 21 HCL, Sour Cream, Lemon Water, Case History, InGrown Toe Nail, Healing Range, Calibrate Dist 4, Vagus NerveDamage-11.doc 

Q & A 22 Will Program Work Without Lemons-2.doc 

Q & A 23 Cod Liver Oil, Magnesium, True Yogurt, Neutral Vitamin C, Vitamin c & Baking Soda, Cal II & Cal Lactate, Worms, Patterns 5-9-4.doc

Q & A 24 NO3 Reading , Foam on Urine, JW Tea, NH4 Plastic Pipette Discoloration, Rule # 1 Explanation-5.doc 

Q & A 25 Urine pH vs Blood pH, colloidal Silver, HypoGlycemia, Whole Milk vs Skim Milk-6.doc 

Q & A 26 Salts, Fungus, and Cancer-9.doc 

Q & A 27 Specimen Containers, Sugars, Save Files, Copyright Issues-7.doc

Q & A 28 Number of Kinds of Calcium-4.doc - This Q&A document may be read in its entirety by clicking anywhere here.


Special Study Documents

With continual practical application & research, the RBTI Instruction Download Folder will continue to grow as new studies are set forth by Instructor & Student alike. Every student is encouraged to add further knowledge to the RBTI Student Community by sharing his or her own research with the Instructor who will then verify the soundness of the research & the results as compared with RBTI principles and when fitting, add the document to the rest below. Please note that the "Z" before each document is for maintaining order in the lessons and documents content listing. 


Z Analysis Algazim-1.rtf 

Z End Stage Cancer-5.doc 

Z Generalities-12.doc

Z Min-66 Dosing-1.doc

Z SIDS-2.doc 

Z Sleep-4.doc 

Z Special Note pH of Distilled Water-10.doc 

Z Special Note Raspberries and Gypsum and pH-5.doc 

Z Spectrographic Analysis of Soft Rock Phosphate or Min Col or Min-66-1.JPG 

Z Symptoms-14.doc

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The RBTI Instruction Manual:


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  • Reams Biological Theory Of Ionization - Kraus

  • The Micronutritive System For Health - Jesse

  • Homeopathy And Ionization Principles Book Four - Jesse

  • Legal Guidelines For Unlicensed Practitioners - Wilson



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