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Dr. Carey Allen Reams

1910 - 1985

A Brief Chronological Biography

This is a continual work in Progress. Some dates, names, spellings, etc. may need 

slight adjusting as the chronology becomes clearer. Any verifiable information 

other researchers would like to provide will be thankfully received.

There is much more to be added.


  • 1700's - Father's people came from Ireland to the Jamestown colony.

  • 1700's - Mother's people came from Scot Highlands to Jamestown also.

  • 1828 - Great Grandfather born, homesteaded 160 acres in Orlando area, fought in the Civil War for South, lived to 96.

  • 1860 - Great Grandmother born when Civil War began.

  • 1881 - Father is born.  Father was a citrus grower, truck farmer, & surveying contractor.

  • 1889 - Mother is born.


  • Nicknamed "The Question Box" - he was always asking questions.

  • Was in the horse saddle from age 4 onward.

  • 1916 - Traded his horse for a horse, saddle, bridle + $85 at age 6. 

  • Educated in a one room school house grades 1 - 12.

  • Hunted, fished, worked in the fields all his young life.

  • Questioned Preacher about resurrection saying: Don't you know that something that dies goes to dust and you can't put it together again?"

  • 1925 - Father became disabled when Carey was 15 which ends Carey's childhood.  Carey shoulders the responsibility of running an orange grove, truck farm, & contracting surveying business.

  • In high School he had a teacher who really knew mathematics.  He learned the basic principles from her & also took a national correspondence course in math.  Received college scholarship.

  • 1931 - In college was a premedical student.  First year of college he established a medical laboratory in Orlando. He solicited doctors in Orlando, Winter Park, & Winter Garden area.  Says income from medical laboratory put him through college & helped support the family.  Says he thinks that lab was the first of its kind in the southeastern part of the United States.

  • 1931 - Was given the formula for perfect health.  Says In the next four days, strictly by mathematics, and an angel holding my hand, and God in my mind, I arrived at what the perfect body chemistry should read if it were perfect.  There was much reasoning and logic behind it, and you must remember that I had done much research both in and out of college on animals, plants, fruits, fruit juices and vegetables.  At the end of seven days I developed what I considered a perfect equation, and it was a very long equation!  Used it to prepare diet for 3 1/2 year old "epileptic."  Used St. Augustine grass clippings to make a chlorophyll drink for him.  Said this got his pancreas to burn sugar normally.  The "epileptic" symptoms were being caused by low sugar problems, that is a pancreas malfunction.   The boy got well from diet & stayed well.  Says So when God heals they stay healed.  That is one way to know whether the healing is of the Lord or not.  Whenever God heals it lasts!  He goes on to say That was my first test case of the Reams Biological Theory of Ionization.  I knew I had something, but I didn't know its potential.

  • 1935? - Finished premedical studies but because of the economic depression  could not go on to medical college due to having to buy an acceptance into school. Took & finished a course of study in Agriculture.  That same year he began analyzing fruits, vegetables, etc. & was surprised at the varying degrees of mineral content in them.

  • 1936? - Claims he didn't have the right strings to pull to get into medical college and instead entered the university to learn to be a dietician, to help keep people from becoming sick.

  • His professor introduced him to Dr. J. Northrup, 50 years a Commissioner of Textiles in Germany.  His hobby was grapes and he taught Carey the frequency upon which grapes grow.  He goes on to say: I learned then that plants live on a frequency. ... By frequency I mean the time it takes for one electron to make one complete revolution around one molecule.  When I began to see the difference in kinds, and read in the Book of Genesis that God created each thing after its own kind, then I realized there must be a reason for each kind reproducing itself.  But why the different species, why didn't they all look alike?  What made us different in colors and sizes?  Why, if we all lived on the same frequency according to sex, didn't we all look alike?  This was getting the best of my curiosity.  Then I discovered the micronage of living biological matter.  Micronage being the pattern in which the atoms are put together to make the frequency.  Thereafter it's like a carpenter having red bricks and he's built many different houses out of he red bricks and it still be a house.  But then why the difference in color?  Why were there black, yellow, red, and white people?  It is the milli-micronage that determines color.  Milli-micronage is the path of the electron traveling in orbit around an atom or molecule which light strikes and causes a prism that we call color.  Actually, there is no such thing as color directly.  Light has to strike something and then bounce off and form a prism in order to be color.  Then the question came up, Why twins?  After the discovery of the milli-microns and milli-milli-microns, and the discovery of the anions and cations that make up the atoms that make up the compounds, etc., I realized that no two things could be alike.  What a thrill to realize the power and unlimited ability of the Creator!

  • 1936? - Sells the medical laboratory and  opens his agricultural laboratory after finishing the agriculture course.  Thus he begins his Agricultural Engineering Business which would become his life's work.

  • Orange groves, Fights with fertilizer companies, sulphate of potash, effects of moon on soil, controlling soil temperature with ammonia sulphate, ammonia nitrate = growth, ammonia sulphate = fruit, phosphate + cho = sugars, goes back to school for bio-chemistry, bacteriology, gets doctorate, frequency of citrus, fire destroys lab, books, etc., God becomes his teacher, Mr. Porter, Dr. Northen, Anions, Cations, pH a measure of resistance, Soft Rock Phosphate, Min Col, farmers using fertilzers with too much salt, muriate of potash killing bacteria in soil, predicts problem for orange groves in 15 years which comes to pass in 13 years; writes article on leukemia and receives a whirlwind of trouble from drug companies; easter lillies; forward planting; roots toward the north; beans from 65 to 35 days; osmosis, photosynthesis; spider & B6 deficiency;

  • 1937 - Marries Elva Locklear who bears him Laverne, Allena, Eugene, David, & Thelma ...

  • 1938 / 1939? - Travels to England to study medicine.  (Note, this time frame of his life is a bit difficult to decipher.)

  • 1944 - Enters military; teaches chemical warfare course w/ 200 students; Sent to the Pacific Rim (New Guinea, Island of Medan, Island of Luzon, Bataan), Receives Field Promotion Rank of Major, truck blown up, Seventh General Hospital in New Guinea, surgeries on skull and brain in New Guinea, paralyzed from neck down, right kidney torn out, Elva divorces him leaving him with 5 children.


Carey A Reams - A "Moses" For Health, Unpublished Auto-Biography




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