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The Reams Biological Theory of Ionization.

Scientific Nutrition For Health & Wellness!


Dr. Carey A. Reams

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Frequently Asked Questions



What is RBTI in a nutshell?

The Reams Biological Theory of Ionization is a wholesome dietary and lifestyle program discovered by Dr. Carey A. Reams. It encompasses the use of an ingenious urine and saliva test which provides 7 factors that are used in creating individualized diet and lifestyle recommendations.  These results are plotted on a specially created range and zone chart which is used as a visual tool for observing a client's progress on the journey toward the perfect equation for perfect health.



What is the Energy Restoration Range?

It is the range of chemistry on the range chart where a person experiences the highest level of overall well-being, strength and stamina for daily living.  



Why should I purchase and use the RBTI Diet Program for myself and my family?

  • The RBTI Diet Program is more than just a general shotgun diet approach given to everybody.  The RBTI is a specific, accurate, and individual approach to diet based soley on a person's personal body chemistry.  Unlike other diets which may work for some but not for others because they are the same for everyone, the RBTI diet is applied differently to each person based upon each person's personal body chemistry.

  • The purchase of the RBTI Diet Program is a purchase for life but is not static.  As a person's dietary needs change, the RBTI diet is changed to meet those needs based again on that person's personal body chemistry.  This is true for each and every member of the family.  

  • The RBTI Diet Program principles can be passed on to one's children and they can continue passing these principles on to their children which will make the entire family's lives from generation to generation healthier and more enriched. 

  • The RBTI Diet Program is based on the unique Urine / Saliva testing which is simple to learn yet very accurate.  Every family member can learn to perform the tests whenever parents believe their children are ready and capable to do such testing.  See Video Preview.

  • The RBTI Diet Program comes with all the forms and charts needed for recording test results.  It also comes with special food lists which are described by the specific calcium mineral make up which is needed to fit each family member's unique body chemistry.

  • The RBTI Diet Program also comes with the specific list names of the various food supplements that are needed to supply the minerals and/or vitamins that our present foods may be deficient in.  Just like one knows what liquids and what foods to drink and eat, the family member will know what supplements to take as well.

  • The RBTI Diet Program takes all the guesswork out of eating and drinking.  We all know that what we eat and drink makes a big difference in how we feel and how well we perform at the things we do.  With RBTI, you know what to eat and drink without ever guessing beforehand.  Why guess when you can be sure?!

  • The RBTI Diet Program is a very reasonably priced one time purchase which can be passed on from generation to generation to generation.  The way to increase foundation genealogical strength in a family is to continually make each successive generation stronger physically.  That goal is reachable with the RBTI Diet Program.


How can the RBTI Diet Program be helpful to me and my family?

  • Because the RBTI diet program includes a scientific energy calculation as already calculated into the range chart, this test allows parents to monitor their family’s food sensitivities and allergies which can be pinpointed and then consciously avoided.   To make it easy, RBTI calls any thing which moves the numbers toward or away from the perfect range - yes yes’s and no no’s.

  • With the use of the RBTI testing equipment, determinations can be made whether or not your personal chemistry and energy calculations are moving in the right direction.  This is important in order to maintain certain habits and behaviors that are actually helping to move your personal chemistry continually closer to the restoration range or not away from the healing range.  Simple dietary and lifestyle changes can be chosen to help change course if necessary.

  • By making continued measurable progress by using simple dietary and lifestyle suggestions, the RBTI home study courses teach you how to make progress with the equation and ranges so that they can be brought closer to the “perfect equation range” with rewards being an increased sense of personal well-being, strength and stamina.



  • The RBTI Range Chart (next page) is a tool for the tester to use to plot test results for measuring personal progress, whether it be toward or away from the perfect balance equation.




Are there any guarantees with this program?


There are no guarantees since everyone responds differently or might not respond at all if certain genetic conditions are present and cannot be changed through diet or lifestyle changes, but many testimonies have it that those who work at maintaining the RBTI numbers in the healing and restoration range report how problems have disappeared or lessened and some even remark how they “just don’t get sick anymore”.  Click here for testimonials.



What is Perfect Health? (The following is taken from Dr. Manthei's Session C, Pages 71-71.)

  • Look at this equation:  CS  +  1.5   6.4 / 6.4   6.5c   .04m   3 / 3  =  PH

  • What does the 1.5 indicate?  Exact amount of oxygen to the brain.  You have the exact amount of energy that you need regardless of how much work is done that day to replace all that is burned up that day.  Together with other numbers, the body is functioning perfectly.  It is getting energy production at a maximum and it denotes Vitamin C is above 4500 ppm in the blood - no worms (parasites), perfect health regardless of age, sex, race, creed, etc.  Liver and pancreas are working in harmony.

  • What do the 6.4 / 6.4 pHs indicate?  Getting exact amount of mineral from food eaten.  Not energy, but mineral.  This determines the mineral content that's available to the body which has to do with energy.

  • What does the 6.5c indicate?  Electrolytes are perfect.  If the electrolytes are perfect and the mineral content that you need is being taken out of the foods, you are getting the correct amount of energy on the frequency.

  • Put these 4 (sugars, pHs, salts) together and what does it denote?  Digestion is perfect.  The digestion includes the bile working against the foods eaten and that the electrical energy is neither too high nor too low in the liver.  Therefore, cells are being made as fast as they need to be exchanged.  This is the beginning of longevity.  When these four numbers are changing, it implies the beginning of a loss of energy which is the beginning of disease.

  • These first 4 (sugars, pHs, salts) manufacture and put you together; the last three numbers take you apart.  The process of putting things together and taking them apart is known as ionization.  The ratio between these two sides has much to do with longevity.  Any excess loss of energy is a decrease in the length of life.  The loss of energy will produce a delta cell which if it stays in the body too long and under unfavorable conditions will become an omega cell.

  • What does the .04m Albumin indicate?  The base exchange of cells - every cell every six months should be replaced.  If it takes longer than that, we grow old too fast.

  • The Urea together with the other numbers indicates what?  Protein being lost at exact rate, not staying in too long, no stress on heart, no worms, etc., is not potassium deficient.

  • What are the daily habits of a person with these numbers?  Drinks right amount of water.  Bowels are regular.  Body is in rhythm.  Eats a good variety of foods in diet.  Gets sufficient rest.  Gets sufficient exercise.  Has good attitudes.  No inner stress - is at peace with him / herself and with others.  HAPPINESS!!!

For further assistance OR a no cost, no obligation initial telephone consult of how my RBTI services could help you, please contact meat the hours below:


Michael Sigurd Olszta

RBTI Consultant / Instructor

Mon-Th: 1:00 P.M. - 9:00 P.M. (E.T.)

20 Warsaw Avenue

Manchester, NH 03103, USA

Voice: 603 / 930 - 1683

Fax: 603 / 622 - 4701



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