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Reserve Energy Breakdown OR How Our Health Declines


According to Dr. Reams, the following chronological breakdown is the cause of most of our health issues (click on the links below to move directly to an explanation of that specific subject)::

Below, please find Dr. Beddoe's illustration of the Human Body receiving its Anionic & Cationic Energies from the Digestive System.  Below this, please see a nice rendering of the Organs of the Digestive System from a mainstream anatomy perspective.  Try to keep these in mind and/or refer back to them as the text flows along.  More pictures will follow.  (It is strongly suggested that Dr. Beddoe's Biological Ionization As Applied To Human Nutrition available from http://www.advancedideals.org/016_book_ordering.html be in every serious RBTI student's library.)



Compare the above with a simple mainstream 

picture of the digestive tract:


Also, below, see a very simple but excellent illustration of the anion / cation interaction and energy release and how the great majority of minerals are sent from the small as well as partly from the large intestine via the hepatic portal vein to the liver.  The liver is where the manufacturing of amino acids, which eventually become the replacement cells that have everything to do with our body functioning correctly, takes place.  If and when the process of digestion moves faster or slower than it should so that the liver does not receive the anions, cations, minerals, colloids, etc. for the creation of these amino acids at a proper rate of speed so that cells in the body needing replacement are replaced right at 180 days of life in the body, the numbers will move away from perfect.  This is a slightly more defined way of saying Any day anyone uses more energy than s/he takes in, that is the first day of his or her illness.  That is Rule # 2 in the RBTI and what you will continue to read about below is what happens to people who continually use more energy than they take in on a regular basis.  Please enjoy the rest of the study.


Please note that what is happening in digestion is that the food we eat is being broken down into progressively smaller and smaller pieces until it is broken down into the following particles of energy and/or matter:

  • Anions - The smallest particle of energy discussed in Biologic Ionization. Its energy exits in ratio between its center and outer shell. This ratio of energy can exist in value from 1 unit, called the Milhouse (absolute) unit, to as much as 499 Milhouse units. The anion has a positive core and a dominant negative electromagnetic field around it moving in a clockwise direction.  Biological Ionization As Applied To Human Nutrition, Page 3, Dr. A. F. Beddoe,

  • Cations - The next smallest complete energy package next to an anion. Its Milhouse (absolute) unit value can be from the smallest of 500 to its maximum of 999. Above 999 it has an unstable ratio which causes it to split and form 1 anion and 1 cation. It could even form several anions. The cation has a negative charge core and a dominant positive charged shell which rotates in a counter clockwise direction. ut supra, page 4

  • Minerals - material also known as elements in which the atoms making up each specific element are very similar.  The atoms making up these elements are made up of the very Anions & Cations spoken of above which tells you that digestion is a process in which all 3 forms of energy - heat, electricity, & matter are being utilized during & after the digestive processes have been completed which take up to 7 full days depending on one's definition of digestion.  For RBTI, digestion has to do with the utilization of the energy taken into the body from the foods that we eat as well as the air that we breathe and processing it into amino acid cells that become brand new cells in the body within 7 days from the beginning of the digestion process.  Remember that the cells of our body contain up to 84 minerals per cell and without these minerals being properly digested, new cells cannot be made.  Please keep all of this in mind as you read the reserve energy breakdown chronology below.

  • Chemical Compound Colloids - A substance that is like a complete solar system. It cannot be taken apart or created by man, but it can be analyzed. It contains upwards of 66 elements. All elements in chemical compound colloids are nontoxic. Because of the size and electromagnetic characteristics they are repelled by both positive and negative fields. This is why the colloid particles will stay in suspension in water and follow the water wherever it goes— in spite of the fact that it will not dissolve. Chemical compound colloids do attract each other and the greater their amount in living substance, the easier it is for more of them to be attracted. They will become a part of any frequency structure because of their complete “solar system” arrangement. This substance is very high in Soft Rock Phosphate. ut supra, page 4

  • Chemical Compound Colloids continued - The body is made up of nothing more than colloids and water. Dust we are, dust we will return to. The body is nothing but dust, which is colloidal, held together with water. The difference between a tree standing upright and a vine that lays on the ground is the amount of colloids found in each plant. The colloids are what give the plant (the tree) the firmness or the form so that it can stand upright. Remember in chemistry what is referred to as the Brownian movement?  If you would look in a microscope and see this vibration that was going back and forth in a cell, that is a colloidal suspension. If you have ever looked at a sunbeam as it shines through the window and seen little particles that are floating around in the sunbeam, those are colloids. They are so small that they resist the pull of gravity and it has no affect upon them until they are weighted down by moisture. The colloid is also referred to as the diamond in the dew drop. They are a complete miniature solar system within themselves. This is why colloids are very, very important to our health. One cubic inch of a colloidal mineral will cover 7 1/2 acres and still be a solid sheet. They are extremely small and can not be destroyed.  They can be heated, frozen, crushed, or smashed, but they can not be destroyed. They will still remain a colloid. More Excellent Way Ministries, Session A, Page 7, Dr. Joseph C. Manthei

  • Compounds - These include all the substances made up of 2 or more elements (minerals) such as amino acids, simple sugars, short chain fatty acids, glycerol, and vitamins. Structure & Function in Man, Jacob, Francone, Lossow, page 505

Naturally, we could spend a lot of time getting into all the specific names of all the various minerals and compounds but the point above is to give us a functional view of what is happening in digestion and the basic particles that the body uses to put itself together with as well as keep itself running.  And now we begin with the initial breakdown that occurs when a person's reserve energy begins to breakdown in his or her body.

1. Loss of calcium in the liver.  This is the first thing that is going to happen.  When it does, the gastric juice is going to get weaker, something we will see in the urine and saliva pH numbers.  A weakened gastric juice means a weakened ability to extract various nutrients, etc. from the foods we are eating.  And when we don't get all the minerals out of the foods we eat, the liver, which is the organ responsible for both taking the minerals out of the food and putting them back together on our frequency and making skeleton amino acids which are the precursors to brand new cells built to replace cells that have reached and/or exceeded their 6 month, 100% reserve energy lifespan in the body.  More on cell ionization to come below.  The important thing we want to remember from the start when looking at the numbers and working on the problem is that invariably, unless we are dealing with an accident of some sort, the loss of calcium in the liver is going to be the initial start to a loss of reserve energy in the body as a whole.  Also, since the pH in combination with the other numbers is going to be a guide to tell us how much calcium has been lost as well as what kind(s), we want to remember that the degeneration seen in the pHs generally follows this chronology with the first pH being the Urine and the second pH being the Saliva ( Urine/Saliva) as illustrated below :

Perfect ---------------- 6.40 / 6.40 

Alkaline/Alkaline -- 7.20 / 7.20

Acid/Alkaline ------- 5.90 / 7.20 

Alkaline/Acid ------- 7.20 / 5.90

Acid/Acid ------------- 5.90 / 5.90

Back to Perfect ---- 6.40 / 6.40

Strangely enough, the pHs and the rest of the numbers seem to often close right back in on near perfect just before death which is why I put the perfect 6.40 / 6.40 pH reading at the end. Keep the above in mind as you consider how much calcium has been lost in the liver and how weak that gastric juice truly has become.  The body can only process minerals that have been properly freed from the atomic bonds holding them together in the foods we eat.  If the atomic bonds are not properly broken down, two things will have happened:

  • The energy released during the breaking down process of the food will not be harnessed properly for usable energy. When usable energy is not provided in high enough amounts, the body has to get it from somewhere and it will draw it from the cells. This will hasten the breaking down of reserve energy.

  • The minerals that should have been available to the liver for amino acid production which become the precursors to brand new cells will not be available. When this occurs, the finishing off process becomes defective and replacement cells to push out and take the place of the old cells they were programmed and manufactured to replace are not completed. The old cell remains and is now beginning to function like an old tire on a car or some other part that still functions but not at 100% efficiency & capacity. And the amino acid that was to take its place ends up remaining in the blood stream and if it isn't flushed out within 72 hours, it turns into a salt and places pressure on the heart due to increased electrical current & thickening of the blood. And then the heart begins using too much energy and is weakened. This is why energy lost in one area of the body always affects other areas of the body. 

So, again, the initial stage of degeneration occurring in the body is going to be a loss of calcium in the liver.  Dr. Reams states it this way: 

  • Practically all of our problems start with the liver, even one in the brain. ARM 71 under the LIVER entry.  

Below, please find a list of Organs and other Body Tissues and the pH Resistance Levels that are found in them:


Also, below, please find a table I put together using Figure 7-11 above.  This table will help to put the pH of various body tissues into perspective and as our understanding improves, we will begin to know why the numbers are the way they are:


Organization of Organs & Tissues of the Body by Density, 

Calcium Content, & Molecular Size.




Body Tissue - Organ - Bone








Testes - Ovaries - Placenta


Stomach Lining - Uterus Lining




Penis - Vagina - Breast








Muscle - Diaphragm - Skin - Spleen


Transformer Glands


Arteries - Veins - Intestinal Wall - Pancreas


Thyroid - Esophagus


Kidney - Heart


Skin of Palms - Soles of Feet - Knee Caps


Hair- Villi of Small Bowel - Mucosa of Colon











2. Loss of gelatin in the colon.  As the gastric juices get weaker due to the loss of calcium in the liver, the ability to pull the gelatin from the foods becomes weakened.  It is the gelatin that keeps the intestine clean and a loss of gelatin means the energy pick up in the intestine is going to be lowered due to it not being completely clean.  At this point, the small and large intestines are no longer picking up nutrients as they should and allowing them to pass through its membranes into the blood which is carried back to the liver to be used in the production of skeleton amino acids. 

3. Loss of Vitamin C.  The gastric juice has been weakened, the gelatin is not being taken out of the foods thereby causing the small and large intestines to not absorb as much nutrients as they should for the making of skeleton amino acids.  Without the proper mineral being provided to the liver in the proper amount of time, cells are staying in the body longer than 6 months and when they do, they are expanding as the outer membrane, which is made up of Vitamin A and is an electron shell, is broken down creating a cavity in the cell.  Carbon Dioxide gas fills the cell, Nitrogen begins escaping (that's why the ureas go higher than 3 / 3) and the pressure of the expanding cell begins the breaking down of Vitamin C, the electrical substance that holds the cells together like cement holds bricks together in a structure. It would be like if bricks in a house began expanding and pushing out the cement that holds them together.  Pressure begins to rise and exert itself on the neighboring cells and eventually, if nothing is changed, the weak link in the body structure will breakdown enough and begin to cause symptoms.* 


*At this juncture, it is extremely important that a short but exact summary on RBTI teaching on how a new cell is made be given here so that a clear understanding is created in your mind.  I will set up the teaching by numbered points:

1. The cells that make up our bodies are made by a process of ionization.  That is, they are built ion by ion.  They do not divide.  The process occurring is like what is seen in the electroplating process whereby ions of one material are plated by electromagnetism onto another material. Unless this fact is understood, RBTI cannot be understood.

2. The cells in our body are built using 84 minerals (elements) which can be found on the Periodic Table Of The Elements.  These elements are put together into many different combinations as required for the building of specific cells for the specific & different parts of the body.

3. We get minerals into our body from essentially the following sources:

a. The air we breathe from which we can obtain 80% of our mineral needs when we are in perfect health.

b. From the fluids and foods we drink and eat from which we can obtain 20% of our mineral needs when we are in perfect health.

4. What follows is the process of how a single new cell is made:

a. The brain receives a message from the cell that it needs to be exchanged.  The reason for this is that it has reached a point where it is going to pass from alpha cell (100% reserve energy) status to delta cell (less than 100% reserve energy) status.  If the cell had not been injured from a physical accident but only needed to be exchanged because its time to be exchanged had come, then it would have maintained alpha cell status for 6 months.  During this time needed amounts of energy going out have been replaced by equal amounts of energy being picked up. In other words, it is an even exchange. By the end of 6 months, however, the cell will give up just a bit too much energy which will signal the brain that the party is over, so to speak, and a new cell needs to take this now becoming delta cell's place. This particular giving up of too much energy is part of the normal process that occurs after the cell's 6 month perfect health duration so it begins telling the brain that it's time to exchange the old for the new and so long as mineral is available to make the new cell, perfect health will be maintained.

b. The brain has received the message from a cell, let's say a cell in the heart, that it needs to be exchanged.  It then sends a message to the liver telling the liver to begin the process of building what is called a skeleton amino acid to replace, in this case, the specific heart cell.  The liver manufactures the foundational skeleton amino acid or what could also be called a "precursor cell" for the part of the body it has received instructions from the brain to build this foundational cell for.  It should be understood that this skeleton amino acid is only 60 to 80% finished after the liver has put it together and sent it on its way into the blood stream to go to the place in the heart where when finally finished, it will replace the cell in the heart that has fulfilled its time as a cell and now needs to be sloughed off and a new cell built in its place.

c. The liver builds this heart cell from the mineral it receives from both the fluids and foods that the person has eaten as well as the air that the person has taken in through the lungs and skin.  As long as all the minerals have been provided to the liver to do its job and there are no other existing problems causing a hindrance in this process, the liver builds this precursor to a completed cell and sends it on its way to the heart with it being 60-80% complete.

d. That skeleton amino acid or precursor cell is brought to the location where it needs to be by both energy sent from the brain as well as magnetic energy from the cells in the location where it will replace the old cell. It will only fit in this location of the body, nowhere else.

e. As it arrives in that area through the electro-magnetic process, the transformer gland for that part of the body (one of a total of 284 transformer glands in the entire body) will adjust the energy and minerals in that amino acid, adding anions and cations, etc. to it and taking away from it until it is nearly complete and at that point it will further be pulled by magnetic attraction into the position of where the old cell is and literally cause that old cell to be sloughed off into the blood stream to be sent out of the body.

f. A stole, essentially a foundation made of carbon upon which to build the new cell, will now be built for the building of the new and replacement cell and the process will continue until it is finished and the new replacement cell is now in full operation with 100% reserve energy.

g. Meanwhile, the old cell that was sloughed off will be carried by the blood stream to the kidney(s) where it will be filtered out of the blood, sent to the bladder, and then discarded from the body via the urine.  It is the loss of energy coming out of the body in this particular cell as well as the fluid that it is found in which we are measuring with our instruments.  And when this process is happening at the speed it is supposed to, the numbers will be perfect.  If, however, the cells are not being replaced as fast as they should, the numbers will change, revealing a greater loss of energy than should be AND less energy coming into the body at the speed that it should be.

Above is a simple but exact explanation of what the RBTI is all about, that is, the gain and loss of energy, the gain of new & replacement cells and the loss of old cells for the purpose of their being exchanged for new cells.  And it is this precise reason as to why this process works perfectly or less than perfectly and how to read such in the numbers of what this course is all about.  Remember, if all the cells in your body are perfect, containing 100% reserve energy each, there will be no need to use special concoctions (drugs, herbs, etc.) to help the body and its organs do what they should do on their own with just the simple daily usable energy needed to do such.  It's when our reserve energy drops in one or more areas of the body that the physiological functions also become less than ideal and where we sometimes need "crutches" (herbs, vitamins, drugs, etc.) to help us along UNTIL the reserve energy, which comes from minerals, is restored.  At the point that total restoration of mineral has been accomplished, there should be no need for the so called "crutches" any longer.

4. Loss of Oxygen.  The lungs are also losing mineral now.  They require all 84 minerals to be in perfect health.  The lung cells dehydrate instead of swelling up.  In other words, they get smaller.  As they get smaller, they carry less oxygen.  Less oxygen being picked up by the lungs means less oxygen going into the blood stream which means less oxygen going to the body's cells which means less oxygen going to the liver which means less oxygen to make a stronger gastric juice which means less calcium is picked up which means a weakened liver  and liver bile which means less mineral being picked up from the foods being eaten which means less skeleton amino acids being made as quickly as they should which means cells in the body are staying in the body longer than 6 months which means excessive loss of reserve energy which means degeneration of the body tissues.  Again, we will see this in the pHs as they rise and the rest of the numbers as they move away from perfect.  Cause and effect, cause and effect!

5. Pancreas begins to malfunction.  Now we see why the sugar number moves up and/or down.  The pancreas begins to malfunction because the liver is no longer functioning as it should and not providing enough of a systematic flow of glycogen for the pancreas to consistently do its job of producing insulin, alcohol, and thyroxin.  This leads to blood sugar problems with accompanying lowered brain function due to the oxygen deficiency being produced from the uneven production of insulin to regulate the sugar levels.  If and when the pancreas becomes exhausted, glucose spillage in the urine is the result and this is why we like to use the clinitest to verify whether or not glucose is being spilled which shows that the condition has continued for a long period of time.  Some people get too little thyroxin production and coupled with a low sugar and the inability to pick up potassium from the foods, they begin to gain weight as the fats and oils are under regulated.  When the alcohol levels go up, the heat goes up and thus a person is warm most or all of the time.  When the alcohol level goes down, the heat goes down and the person is cold most or all of the time.  Again, this is why we can literally tell people what they are feeling like when we read these numbers.

6. Reserve energy starts dropping off.  Any day that any one uses more energy then they take in is the first day of illness for that person.  The cells are staying in the body beyond six months.  It means that the outer shell of the atomic structure of the cell develops a cavity and allows CO2 gas to enter in and nitrogen to escape.  Moisture is drawn in.  The cell swells.  The speed of the electrons increase to maintain the human frequency because a larger cell means greater distance for the electrons to travel to cover the one revolution distance in .0000024ths of a second in the male and .0000026ths of a second in the female.  More heat is given off because of the excess speed.  Rub your hands together; you feel heat.  Rub them together faster; you feel more heat.  This affects the surrounding cells.  Rub your hands together again but this time press them against each other a little harder; you feel more heat.  This is the same thing that is happening inside the body as the cells begin to push against one another and the continual spinning action of the electrons causes more heat to escape than what should be because there is faster speed and greater pressure.  The chain reaction has begun and the energy loss becomes greater and greater unless something is done to change the situation.  And since we are made to receive our energy to build brand new cells from the air we breathe and from the fluids and foods we consume, we turn to these aspects of our lives to make changes so that an increase in the amount of energy being taken in and processed becomes greater than the amount of energy being thrown out so that eventually we can restore that which was lost.  But to continue with the breakdown, this latest stage of breakdown leads us to number 7.

7. Slowing down of base exchange, delta cells developing.  Delta cells are cells with less than 100% reserve energy.  If enough of them form together in one area, they can clump together and the medical term "tumors" can form.  These cells are like tires whose tread has worn down.  They may get a person to where s/he is going but they may give that person trouble on the way.  Now, these delta cells began to form almost immediately once the energy exchange between the cells lost its synchronization due to too much energy having been lost, the small cavity having been formed in the outer part of the cell, the nitrogen having escaped and the moisture having taken the place of the nitrogen to keep the cell from collapsing.  

8. Loss of immunity.  Sickness begins to occur more easily and more often and more severely.  What was once a body that could easily withstand a bacteria and/or virus because of a magnetic field within which the bacteria and/or virus could not live now becomes fertile soil for these bacteria and viruses.  Remember that the Vitamin C was lost due to the expansion of the cell which caused a breakdown of the Vitamin C that like mortar between bricks is holding the cells together.  As the cells lose energy and expand, they literally squeeze out that Vitamin C mortar and the lower the Vitamin C content of the body, the lower the resistance to invading bacteria and viruses because of open access to the cells beginning to occur due to the breakdown of the collagen.  It is like the force field of electricity that would normally ZAP any invading sickness in the person with perfect health or close to perfect health is now no longer as strong as it used to be.  The greater the breakdown of this force field, the less chance the human body will have against any disease that goes from another weak person to this weakened person.  Getting the flu is not normal.  Getting the common cold is not normal.  Getting sick is not normal!  That is, none of these things are normal if by normal we mean having perfect health.

The above 8 points constitute the breakdown of reserve energy in the human body and it is this chronological breakdown that Dr. Reams tells us to keep in our minds when we look at these numbers.  Thus, it would behoove every student to read this chronological breakdown on a regular basis so that every time he or she is looking at a set of numbers, these things are kept in mind and continually thought of and considered as the person registers his or her complaints to the RBTI Consultant.

9. Tonsils go bad in children*.  With children, the tonsils will be affected because they are nature's trash cans which pick up a lot of the garbage that too rich and/or poor of a diet causes due to what has been explained above.  Too rich or too poor in mineral of a diet causes the child not to be able to digest the minerals in the foods and of course if the minerals are not there in the first place, it's a lost cause from the start.  The tonsils were created to give children an extra chance, extra time for the parents to provide the proper amounts of distilled water to wash those tonsils out of all the garbage they have picked up and very likely saved the rest of the body from but which if they are not washed out in time will themselves become infected and then allopathic teaching has only one suggestion if the tonsils don't respond to anti-biotic treatment and that is to have the tonsils removed.  But not only that, children are more susceptible to other sicknesses as well.  As stated, children who are losing Vitamin C in the manner described above are also not drinking proper amounts of water to cleanse the tonsils and when this happens, the tonsils become infected and the medical approach is to remove them.  By removing the tonsils, another line of defense is removed from the body.  Of course, the medical doctor did not have the proper training to do anything else and no doubt in his mind removal of the tonsils was the only option.  This is why RBTI needs to be incorporated with all of the healing arts so that this system of building up the usable and reserve energy of the body can be the first line of defense against disease.  That is, RBTI is not in any way an art that prevents or treats disease.  Rather, it provides us with a guide to utilize the right foods and other things to give the body the things it needs to build its own defenses against sickness and disease.  God made our bodies, not us, to prevent disease in and of themselves.  No man can do such.

*The statement "tonsils go bad in children" is not said to indicate they won't go bad in adults. It's just more common for it to happen in children rather than adults.

A Look At The Numbers When Plotted Using X-Y-Z Graphing

So let's look at how perfect health and then imperfect health would be illustrated on paper. When the numbers are perfect:


what you are actually seeing mathematically as far as in X-Y-Z plotting is concerned is something like the following:


In other words, the numbers plotted would look something like the above albeit running up, down, to the right, to the left, through, and around the body. Dr. Beddoe illustrates this wonderfully well in his 3rd level of his RBTI Video teaching in his Power Point pictures. If we can conceptualize 3 dimensions out of the 2 dimensions below, literally placing the coordinates above in the body of the woman below and illustrated by the horizontal dotted lines you see above and below the head and the feet as well as the dotted lines moving diagonally to and from the opposite corners. Keep these in your mind because in the next picture following this one, you will see a deviation from what you are seeing below.



So the dotted lines above, below, and kriss crossing through the female body above are representing an x-y-z coordinate system albeit in only a 2 dimensional picture. Now what is extremely important to remember is that as long as the numbers cross directly over these lines which they will do when they are perfect, there is no picture in the numbers. But when the numbers deviate from perfect as they do in the next picture, there is then a picture and we now can confirm some of the things the client was complaining of when she tested herself and sent in her numbers. Here is the picture formed by the plot lines of her first set of numbers on November 14, 2009:



The lines you see in the different colors represent each of the urine and saliva numbers. And the reason they are not in line with the black dotted lines is as I explained earlier, this lady has been using more energy each day than she has been taking in and she has delta cells (Dr. Reams used to call these "carcinoma") developing in various places but especially in her lower abdomen area, specifically in her uterus. In her Questionnaire she had stated: 

  • *I have a history of abnormal pap smears which I had laser surgery 3 years ago but still continue to have abnormal results.

If you wish to see the plot lines more closely, right click on the picture and save it to your computer. Then open it up in Microsoft Paint and you will see the plot lines much easier than you do in the above picture. In fact, you will see:

  • Urine pH (blue line) running through the upper part of the uterus.

  • NH4 Urea (orange) running through the upper & middle part of the uterus.

  • Average pH (green) running through upper & lower parts of uterus.

Although this was her most major concern as well as the fact that her closest kin had been diagnosed with cancer and gone through the heavy medical treatments, there were still other issues as well that she dealt with:

  • Motion sickness

  • Long term memory loss

  • Headaches

  • Gum disease (Note the positioning of several of the lines in the mouth area)

  • Hemorrhoids (note the plot lines in the sigmoid, rectum, anal areas - she says: I have many digestion problems over the years and have had both hemorrhoids and anal fissures that have caused pain and itching at times.

  • Muscular pains moving around

  • Back pain

  • Lack of sheen in her hair (generally from worms or parasites)

  • Pain in the appendix area (note the red plot line running right through there)


This lady's final test, however, produced the following plotting chart:



Look how spread out all of the plot lines are! What this shows is even though the numbers are not yet perfect, they are moving toward perfect and the energy flow is beginning to line up with the horizontal top and bottom and diagonal bottom to top and top to bottom perfect plot line reference points. This shows why when she went to the doctor for her medical check up there was no more cancer (abnormal cells) in her cervix / uterus. Her body responded beautifully to lifestyle changes which were provided only for the purpose of bringing the RBTI numbers back toward the perfect equation. No diagnosis was ever made. No treatments were given. We simply tested the urine and saliva, got our test results, compared those results with the perfect numbers, found out what was missing, and began putting it back in. All we did was provide food for the body, the right food, the right amounts and the right fluids, the right food supplements, along with the right amount of exercise, and we also suggested that this lady follow a fast which she did. Furthermore, she purchased her own colonic board and did a series of these and that was it. And her numbers got better and when she went to the doctor's appointment, he told her she was now fine! She went to one more 6 month appointment and after that she has gone on a yearly basis. It's been more than 5 1/2 years since she began her RBTI program and all remains well. To God be all the glory for the great things He is doing in the lives of the people He loves.

Folks, the above gives the chronological breakdown of reserve energy in the human body as set forth by Dr. Reams in the Anatomy Seminar.  We have also shown how a cell breaks down and how it is rebuilt and we've seen this process occur in both a couple sets of numbers as well as having plotted these numbers on paper so we could visually see the energy movements and how perfect went to imperfect and how imperfect stopped getting worse, made a beautiful turn around, and is now on its way back toward perfect health with the person's body becoming free of nagging so called "symptoms" which have all but disappeared. 

We teach students of the RBTI Online Course when they look at a set of numbers, that they take the above 9 points and see if they can trace the progression of the loss of energy within the body by comparing this degeneration sequence with what they are seeing in the patterns.  Also, remember that as a person begins to follow the program and restore the mineral to the body to restore the reserve energy, the part of the body that was affected last will be restored first all the way back to the liver finally being rebuilt as it is the first organ and part of the body to begin to experience energy loss.  

Do you wish to learn RBTI, receiving scores and scores of lessons like what you read above?  Then please contact me either by email or telephone or go here immediately.


For further assistance, please call OR email:  

Hours: Monday-Friday: 11am-9pm (ET).



Michael Sigurd Olszta

RBTI Consultant / Instructor

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