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The testimonials below are from emails sent in by satisfied clients and class members. Your own experiences may vary. At no time shall any statement below be construed to mean that the RBTI and/or REAMS Diet is in any manner used to prevent, diagnose, treat, or mitigate in the treatment of any disease or medical condition. 



1) I love the class, and will continue to learn from it and use it the rest of my life!! and pass down to my kids whatever they are willing to work with! BiG thanks!!  CR, Pennsylvania


2) Thanks for the time on Tuesday.  I feel like a tiger!  DT, Massachusetts



3) Thank you!! it is great to be grandfathered in to your future classes!! they are wonderful! Much appreciated.



4) I really was astonished at how the program helped me so quickly.  I took 3 minutes off my 5 mile run immediately after following your advice.  RP, New Hampshire



5) The RBTI class taught by Michael Olszta is an amazing way to learn about this wonderful approach to human health. Michael is passionate about his teaching and has the patience to go into great detail when answering questions. What is even more amazing is that the class notes keep on being improved and sent out, at no extra costs, to participants of all former classes. Thank you for the great experience. IZ, Namibia



6) My wife and six children, like a lot of other people in our community, got sick on a regular basis.  This flu, that flu, this cold, that cold, etc.  But since being on this RBTI program, we rarely have any problems and our energy levels are much higher. DH, Arkansas



7) As always, I think your lessons are very understandable and come in a timely fashion.  I do not think they are too long.  I just keep going over them again and again.  Each time I do, I learn something more.  You put such detail into them.  I do not see anyway you could improve on them, although I know you are always looking for ways to do so.



8) I was really surprised that by just following your suggestion to drink a certain amount of distilled water during the day that the swelling in my legs went away so fast.  JG, Massachusetts



9) The lessons on sugar are very good. I like how you explain the excerpts from the other sources. This is so helpful in helping me to avoid the tunnel vision I seem to use sometimes. I think I am starting to see the whole picture a lot†better this year. I am sure some of it is from the way you are doing the lessons and I know some of it is because my potassium deficiency is gone and my new cells are working much better. Still having some problems with motivation. I am working on running the tests more regularly and to stop letting everything else come first. Seems there is so much to do all the time.

Once again, thanks for all the hard work you put into giving us the greatest lessons ever. In this time of great inflation you are making our money go unbelievably far and at the same time because of learning to do the tests and spending the money on the lessons you have found a way to sift through the serious and just the curious. Great Job. ...

I have taken the online class Michael Olszta teaches. It is amazing. It goes into great detail and you come away knowing more than you would believe is possible. He answers any questions you might have and makes himself available on the phone also. I would highly recommend his class, I think one is starting up in January.

Also, I would recommend Dr. Beddoes book, "Biological Ionization Through Human Nutrition", it is a great source to acquaint you with the RBTI. This would give you a good start. There is much information available on the RBTI. Michael's classes cover it all. JY, Illinois



10) You know, I think all the drinking of the distilled water and the calciums have really helped my sugar problems.  The doctor took me off insulin so now I'm only taking one medication for sugar. ... The Lime Water is so good at healing my nightly indigestion.  AB, New Hampshire



11) I was in Michael's first online class and I highly recommend it to everyone who hasn't taken it yet. He spends many hours preparing his lessons (which is obvious when you read them). I use his class notes just about every day in my personal studies. He truly gives everyone a wealth of knowledge... .as his emails are full of great information. He definitely has a talent for teaching and writing in a way that is easy to understand. I also called him on a few occasions and he was happy to help with any questions I had about my own body chemistry. Its definitely worth the small price he asks. Anyway, I'm a happy customer and I highly recommend his classes, regards, JK, Pennsylvania



12) Here is a brief list of improvements: no allergies (esp. dust, chlorine), no insomnia except if stressed out (sleep all the way through the night), no adrenal fatigue (no longer dragging all day), awake rested and refreshed, more energy, no menstrual cramps, no phobias, no depression, no mood swings, no low blood sugar, no fainting, no brain fog, better memory, not easily distracted, more optimistic, full of joy, regular bowel movement, no swollen lymph nodes, no involuntary muscle twitching, thinning post nasal drip. Thatís all I can come up with for now.  LN, Georgia



13) The best place to study RBTI for human health is to contact Michael Olszta.  He has an excellent home study course that he sends out by email.  Very extensive.  I suggest you get a kit while in the U.S. to avoid shipping problems. JF, Minnesota



14) Hi Michael,†I have had my first normal pap result in a year and a half. Thank you so much.†JG, Illinois  (See #  22 below as well.)



15) That introductory lesson was fantastic.  The way you write is very concise, organized, and easy to follow.  It is the way I think and study. RH, California



16)... overall energy is great, sometimes I feel like I have more energy than my husband (and he is the marathon runner!). I have started taking walks in the neighborhood and have taken up a new hobby of geocaching which satisfies my need for a little adventure. LN, Georgia



17) I'm currently working with Michael Olszta and I am happy with him. .He's incredibly responsive to my questions and gives 150%.  I know that there are others who do consulting, but I think Michael is a good fit for me. RG, Colorado



18) Jim Daily Jr., CEO: Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Daily Manufacturing, Inc. tells a story of gout, a preacher's wife carrying distilled water, and lemonade.  Click HERE for the You Tube Video.



19) ..... so far I have to say I really like your approach to everything, it has been a real pleasure working with you. Worth every penny and then some. JG, Illinois


20) Let me add to those testimonies that I have also been brought back to life by Michael's RBTI consulting.

seriously don't know how much longer I would have lived. It was that bad, and undiagnosable, from a conventional standpoint. I started self-testing RBTI last November with Michael as my consultant. At that time, I could do nearly nothing. Now, although I am 7 months pregnant with my 6th child, I have more energy than I have had in my entire life.

I was so sick I could not run my own urine tests, but had to let my husband do them. I could not care for my kids, but we were living with my Mom so she could do everything for me and for them. I never slept more than 3-4 hours a night, and that was very poor sleep. I had frequent fits, which I know believe were severe sugar crashes. I don't think I ever had a real seizure, but these were close. I could not drive safely. I was an emotional wreck. I ALWAYS felt short of breath. I could only stand and walk while holding my abdomen tightly and bending halfway over. I lived in constant, unexplained terror.

All of this is gone, but for the occasional trouble sleeping, which I fix by taking more of whatever calciums my pH asks for.

Yeah, consulting works. RBTI works. Hire Michael.  NP, New York

continued ......


In 2008 and 2009 I was so ill that I could not take care of myself or my children. I lived in the Chicago burbs at the time, far from any family, and my mother had to come from New York and stay with us to help me just survive. No one knew what was wrong. No doctor could even understand my symptoms, much less diagnose me. Multiple trips to the ER with strange symptoms never yielded any leads.

I was weak, usually shaking, unable to eat much, unable to get energy
from my food, always short of breath, unable to sleep because I gasped
or choked and woke up suddenly before I could get to sleep. This would
go on all night every night. I was in constant fear and worry, paranoid and phobic. I could not think rationally. I had episodes which kept me in a prostrate position on the floor for literally 6-8 hours at a stretch, sweating and struggling to breathe normally. But if I were to go to the hospital, they would say my O2 saturation was normal, and that I was just nuts. I could not tolerate bright lights or loud noises. My adrenals were very much exhausted.

I tried a holistic doctor for several months, using herbal and homeopathic treatments to detoxify and to ward off candida. My expenses for supplements exceeded a thousand dollars a month, but barely helped. I still could not perform basic daily duties, and I could not drive. I also had all my amalgam fillings replaced, but this did not solve my problem at all.

Many many many times I went into a state that would remind you of a
severely autistic child: humming, rocking, flapping, and unable to speak. Sometimes I would pace in a circle, moaning and bent over, for an entire night; it was the only thing that would bring relief.

We moved to upstate NY in August of 2009 hoping to start a vegetable
farm. We knew that we wanted to grow nutrient-dense vegetables, and we
knew that the garden we had in Chicago brought us some real happiness
and inspiration in spite of my illness. It offerred us hope, though we didn't really understand how, nor how much.

In the Fall, as we began our research for the next farm season, we learned about Dr. Carey Reams and soil fertility and the critical importance of minerals, especially calcium and phosphorus. We understood these are crucial for the health of edible plants, and we began to realize that this was the true key to human health. I was still so very sick, living with my parents, and desperately wishing to be independent and strong. So we dived in and tried RBTI. I have never looked back. I have never felt better. I am extremely thankful for the revelation that RBTI has been. I don't want to imagine what shape I would be in without it.

I was extremely deficient in calcium. I also needed many trace minerals. But the tricks to reintroducing those minerals to the body are not obvious, and most people simply do not know they are lacking. RBTI has all the tools for regeneration and energy restoration. Try it, and you will not look back, either.

Oh, and the farm is coming along!  NP, New York



21) Hello dear Michael from Arkansas. All is well and the the class is going fine. I have really been enjoying the new type of sends: Special studies, Special mailings, Your thoughts,  and conversations with clients and your RBTI peers, very informative, an interesting perspective and great reads. EA, Arkansas



22) Michael, I hope you are well. I wanted to give you an update. I had my second normal pap result, that is two in a row, thank you, now I don't have to get another one for a whole year. I haven't been checking my numbers very regularly but i have been drinking my lemon aid and taking my minerals. I am going to start checking them again to see where I'm at, I still continue to struggle with swinging pHs and not getting enough rest. I'm giving a talk about RBTI in January to my nutrition group, I'm a little nervous I don't know nearly enough but I'm just going to present my story and then give people some option where they can go to learn more (yourself included). Well I just wanted to let you know how I was doing and thank you once again. JG, Illinois  (See # 14 above as well.)



23) Michael, your swiftness and depth of explaining your answers is truly profound!  Thanks so very much!!

P.S. I thank God & really admire your approach! MR, Virginia



24) Thank you so very much.  Your teachings are incredibly interesting and so easy to understand. CR, Texas



25) Michael ,... I wanted to be sure you get your kudos for a very meaningful post.  What you thought out and constructed is probably about as good as it will ever get concerning Cal II.  Excellent job...and I hope your students appreciate what they got. RH, Florida



26) ... your Q&A lesson regarding Cal II was excellent ! It was better than when we discussed it. RL, Michigan


27) ... Thank you for saving my son's life! ..... Thank you for saving my son's life!! ..... Thank you for saving my son's life!  AA, Ottawa, Canada



28) ... Thanks, Michael. You are so quick to respond and so thorough! What a delight!  LT, Virginia



29)Thank you for the prompt response - you are such a wonderful instructor with clear directions - Thanks a lot. JG, Texas



30) I want to thank you first for the new video series. It is fantastic. I am giving each lesson multiple viewings, and will treasure them for years to come. PR, Canada



31) Michael, I'm so proud of myself that i wanted to share with you.

  • Thanks to your advice, I totally changed my drinking program in an effort to reduce my SCR. The goal was to keep brix at 1.5-2.0 while lowering sugars from 11-14C down to 6-7C. Well, I've done it! Here's what I had to do, in case you want to share with others:

  • I sweetened my lemonade to the sweetest point I could get it, without having my tastebuds tell me it was "too sweet" - i only let my tongue do the talking for the lemonade.

  • I decided to use fresh-squeezed juices with my distilled water doses in order to not lose any brix while still flushing salts.

Each day I would juice a various item, and then add some distilled water (not much), test the brix, and try to get it in between 5 and 7. Then I would drink that mixture in place of straight distilled, for all doses, even after 2pm. 


I haven't gained a pound, and I'm leaner, and my metabolism is raging, evidenced by a higher natural body temperature throughout the day. Brix is steady between 1.2-2.0 and my conductivity is staying between 5C and 10C. My typical SCR is now 4.5, and I am so freakin' excited! 


All numbers are working themselves out, as evidenced by yesterday's



 I'm back, and I'm rarin' to go! :) RS, Pennsylvania



32) Michael, You're the best, thanks. ... Thank you for all you are doing. This really is God's work and I know that as soon as I sink my teeth into RBTI I will be asking alot of technical questions. Thank you for caring so much about RBTI and helping others learn it.Much appreciation to you and your efforts! Best Regards, MC , North Carolina



33) I am really enjoying the teaching, and glad to be part of the class. After studying Dr. Beddoe's book, your teaching is helping me to get it all in the right perspective. I look forward to each week's new lesson! I am anxious to understand the ureas, and finding out the importance between the patterns and colors. This is a difficult area for me! ...... We appreciate your teaching and the time that you and your wife have spent to make this possible! Looking forward to the next lessons, and thank you, J&DV, Oregon



34) Hello Michael, I want to thank you again for the tremendous effort you put into teaching the RTBI classes. I have been a member of your class since Dec. of 09 and have never been able to take full advantage of all the material. I have been very faithful to save everything to my computer but the actual study time has been very hard to achieve. I really like this video format and believe it is going to make a big difference for me. .... I have recently connected with Sue Aberle at Promise Institute through your email and thank you for that also. I am encouraged. CG, Alaska



35) You are simply the best. YR, Washington


(In response to my RBTI Online Video Class Lesson 7 mailing. It's not too late to join the class and get your RBTI training in the way it was originally taught by Dr. Reams himself! Click Here to get started!)


36) Hello, Micheal: How are you doing my friend. I am doing well with the weekly video and documents you are sending me and with the whole life time member folder that I have.... every thing that you are doing is well organized and it is not hard to understand it at all. ... This this the field that I want keep and speak for it professionally when ever I have to.
-- Yours AY, Ontario, Canada



37) I just watched Lesson 11 and really enjoyed it! My sugars have not been going super low like they used to, but these were still all really good tips. It's always great to hear the scientific explanation of the processes going on in the body because it drives home how important the supplements or foods are to keep these processes going smoothly. It was interesting to hear about how the body pulls oil from the joints into the colon if it needs it ... I had never heard that before! JB, Minnesota



38) Hi,wanted to tell you how excited I am with the success I've had with my little boy (------ - just turned three). When I first took his numbers about 8 weeks ago they scared me. 3.0 7.6/7.8 33C 4m 12/10. ------ has always drunk TONS of fluids, so I cannot imagine how high the salt and ureas would have been if he hadn't been doing that. But I hadn't known before to use distilled water, so we made that switch and I started giving him really sweet lemonade as well as Blackstrap molasses. I took him off the vit. D the Ped. had put him on and gave him some vit C and pickles with his meals. I took salt out of his diet as best I could and tried to limit his meat intake. What I started noticing within a week was less fits and anger. Then the gas and stomach pain started to subside. Then he started sleeping through the night which was such a relief! He's calmed down quite a lot and is so much more enjoyable to be with. He still has sugar crashes if I don't stay on top of what he's drinking. I have come to learn that temper tantrums usually mean crashing sugars and I can pretty much prevent them if I can keep him sipping lemonade throughout the day. ..... Everything is really starting to come into line... I am so thrilled and feel so blessed to have stumbled onto RBTI and finally found something to turn around the troubles that ------ has had since birth. JK, Alaska 



39) Muscle mass increased from 20% to 35%!  I am so impressed by what God can do when we do it His way!  CO, Maryland



40) Dear Michael,†
Making real progress! †My right head muscles have been giving me a fit lately, but that is subsiding. †My body looks and feels better than it did 30 years ago. †Now does my face get that young looking, too?lol:)†In Christ, 
CO, Maryland


Editor's Note: #s 39 & 40 are sent in from the same lady and show what consistent focus on keeping her numbers within the healing range is doing for her. More than 99% of you reading this can also experience such results. Contact me by phone or email. Today is the first day of the rest of your life! Michael Olszta



41) I would get Micheal's class and become a client of his until you learn it from him.  That is what I did for my wife and my family.  You will find in Micheal a true honest, compassionate, coach, teacher and friend.  Having had direct contact with Dr Reams himself because his wife spent time at his retreat he has researched the best of RBTI and has incapsolated it in a very organised fashion.  I'm familiar with others out there who do the same but Micheal's program is well worth the time, money and effort.  It's the best bang for your dollar too. 

DO, Pennsylvania



42) I have done and completed Dr Beddoe's course on RBTI (completed level 3) as well as Michael Olszta's course. I would personally pay your money to Mr Olszta as you will get practical advice plus a guiding hand from day one. Dr Beddoe is good, and you'll need his textbooks, but the first two modules are more about the theory of RBTI whereas Michael's emphasis is about understanding and guiding you through the practicalities of RBTI with an emphasis on theory later. Cheers    TK, Australia



43)  Chronic Lyme Goes Away After Following RBTI Protocol

 Although I had some health issues for most of my life, in 2006 I went from getting along ok to nearly unable to function overnight. I had what might be described as a full blown panic/anxiety attack that came over me and never left.  I spent the night in the hospital and saw a doctor in the morning who thought it was just stress related and prescribed anti-depressants and benzodiazepines that helped very little and made me feel drugged all the time. I had been having other symptoms like pain behind the eyes, heart rhythm problems excessive sweating at times, nervousness and shaking to name a few.

  Since the medical doctors didnít seem to have any answers about what had happened, and what to do to do regain my health, basically telling me to get used to a new normal, I started seeing alternative health care practitioners. I changed my diet, eating mostly organic, cutting out gluten, soy and dairy and taking supplements. This seemed to be helping somewhat but I would still have episodes where I would have to go back to the benzodiazepines and antidepressants for weeks or months at a time again.

  In 2009 I developed another symptom when I bent down to pick up a piece of wood for the fireplace and the room started spinning. This dizziness was now a fairly constant companion along with another symptom that I have described as a feeling of my head being filled with a magnetic gel that was being pulled this way and that giving me a feeling of unsteadiness like standing in a rowboat.

  I continued to see all types of health care practitioners and search the internet trying to figure out what I could do to get myself feeling even halfway normal again. When you go through something like this you realize the truth in the old saying that without your health, nothing else matters.

 Just wait, it gets even better.

 In 2010 I met a very nice lady while doing sessions with a Native American healer who told me I should get tested for Chronic Lyme. I saw a holistic chiropractor who diagnosed me clinically, and through a blood test with Chronic Lyme. Shortly after starting treatment with some herbal medicines I came down with a very high fever for a few days. When the fever left, the pain came. I had such severe pain in my neck and my back that many nights I would only be able to sleep by passing out from complete exhaustion. If the pain wasnít bad enough I developed Bellís Palsy, and had a sick feeling like having a bad flu that never left. There were numerous other symptoms during this time from restless legs to tinnitus.

 The only time I left my recliner (it was even more painful to lay in a bed) during those months was to see another practitioner or get some kind of treatment. I had lost a lot of weight and looked like, and thought, I was going to die. But I wasnít scared of dying, I was scared of living, because no one seemed to know what was wrong with me or what to do to stop this terrible slide.

  About four months into this episode I got a call from a medical intuitive who was also a clinical nutritionist. I had signed up months earlier for a free phone session and she started telling me about how my body needed nutrition and that if I did what she said, every day I will get just a little bit better. My exact thought was "Lady, I have chronic Lyme, you are not going to fix me with nutrition!" But I was so sick, and in so much pain that I thought it certainly couldn't hurt to try and build up the body a little before I continued to fight my Chronic Lyme disease.

  She taught me a lot, and I started to see enough improvements in my health that I started to think that maybe there really was something to this nutrition stuff.

  Sometime during this period I came across an audio interview of Carey Reams done by Salem Kirban and all kinds of lights started flashing for me.

 Somehow I intuited that what Dr. Reams was saying was the truth. I knew that this was right, and this was real, and I was going to do whatever I needed to do to learn what RBTI was all about.  Shortly after this I became a lifetime student of Michael Olszta and started learning how to do the testing and getting guidance about diet and water intake etc. This was 2011 and since that time I have never stopped studying and learning all I can about RBTI.  Michael is a wealth of RBTI knowledge, and is a non-judgmental, dedicated RBTI teacher that I would recommend to anyone who wants to recover their health or learn about RBTI. Plus, he is a genuinely nice person to boot.

 I feel like for some reason, I was blessed to come across this kind of information. Dr. Reams was not just your average really smart person. He left the world with something special and I am grateful every day that I found RBTI.

 Today I am 60 years old, I feel great, I donít take a single medication for any health issue, and I know that it is entirely up to me how healthy I want to be.  I feel joy in life again nearly every day. And there were long terrible stretches of time where I didnít think that was ever going to happen again.  MA, Wisconsin  

44) All my blood sugar values and hemoglobin HA1C are back to normal. Medical doctor said she never saw anything like it! PG, North Carolina


45) Ok, I just did his salt test and it's 10.39.  That's good, right?  We are super excited about the way things are going.  We both are feeling much better and not requiring as much caffeine.  So, thank you a million times over.  Can't wait to test ----- again because he's doing so much better with his eating and all. DD, Texas


Editor Note: A salt test of 10.39 with the other numbers in proper ratios is excellent! MSO


For a no cost, no obligation initial telephone consult of how my RBTI services could help you, please contact me using the contact information below.


Michael Sigurd Olszta

RBTI Consultant / Instructor

Mon-Th: 1:00 P.M. - 9:00 P.M. (E.T.)

20 Warsaw Avenue

Manchester, NH 03103, USA

Home Office: 603 / 622 - 4701

Michael Cell: 603 / 930 - 1683



Michael Olszta's Channel



The teaching, instruction, claims, recommendations, suggestions, information and products mentioned in my e-mails, snail mail, documents, videos, in conversation, and/or through associated website pages, have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration and are not approved to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Neither does the author claim to do any of the latter. The information provided by e-mail, snail mail, in conversation, and/or through associated website pages is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other healthcare professional. You should not use any of this information contained in any of the latter forms of communication for diagnosis or treatment of any health problem or for prescription of any medication or other treatment. You should always consult with a licensed healthcare professional before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program, taking any medication, or if you have or suspect you might have a health problem.    







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